Incentive Drive

Incentives encourage students to reach their greatest potential by positively reinforcing their efforts to reach their goals. They are individualized and match up with each student’s interests (e.g. ear buds, toys, sports equipment, t-shirts, gift cards).  By organizing an incentive drive you help us focus our resources on our staff rather than spending time finding incentives.  We appreciate and value your support!  Call us at 316-973-5110 or email csmith@thepandoinitiative if you are interested in hosting an incentive drive.


Elementary School Middle School High School
Action Figures/Dolls Head Phones/Ear Buds Head Phones/ Ear Buds
Fast Food Gift Cards Arts & Craft Sets Make-Up
Toys Fast Food Gift Cards Bus Passes
Video & Board Games All-Star Passes Store Gift Cards
Sport Equipment Sports Balls Movie Passes
Sport Team Apparel  Movie Passes Fast Food Gift Cards
Headphones Store Gift Cards Gas Gift Cards
Legos/Building Sets I-Tunes Gift Cards I-Tunes Gift Cards