This past year has brought so many wonderful things to our organization and our programs. Highlights from 2017 can be found in our Annual Report

By helping students take responsibility for their lives, they develop the attitudes, skills and motivation necessary to THRIVE!

We recognize their success by measuring graduation rates, attendance, academic performance and behavior.

2017 Program Outcomes


Focus: Students at-risk due to attendance, academics and behavior.


80% of K-8 students maintained/improved in reading-Outcome: 79%

80% of K-8 students maintained/improved in math-Outcome 79%

90% average daily attendance for K-5 students-Outcome 95%

90% average daily attendance for 6-12 students-Outcome 91%

95% of 9-12 students will remain in school (not expelled)-Outcome 100%

90% of high school seniors will graduate-Outcome 98%

Number of students targeted: 1,413

Number of schools: 16

Number of students targeted: 328 Pre K- 3rd Graders

Check & Connect

Focus: Chronic Absenteeism


85% of chronically absent students will not be chronically absent by end of year-Outcome 70%

95% of students will not be suspended-Outcome 91%

Students will have less than 20 tardies-Outcome 71%

80% of students will improve/maintain in reading-Outcome 93%

80% of students will improve/maintain in math-Outcome 77%

Number of students targeted: 425 Pre-K- 5th Graders

Reality U

Focus: Financial literacy simulation of life as a 26 year old 

Teachers were surveyed about the following areas to see if “at-risk” students had exhibited improvement.

Focus Area/Outcome                                                                              

Classroom Attendance-Outcome 96%

Behavior/attitude-Outcome 77%

Classroom participation-Outcome 50%

Number of students that participated in the program: 5,964 (8th -12th grade)

Number of schools: 28

Number of volunteers utilized to make the program successful: 848