“Aetna partners with Pando to hold a 2nd semester school supply drive”

December 5, 2019

Wichita, KS - As the school year has gone by, there is a realization that school supplies from the beginning of the year have been used, lost, or broken. To help alleviate the need for families and schools to purchase new items for the second half of school, Aetna Better Health of Kansas is partnering with The Pando Initiative to bring school supplies into local schools for the second semester.

With the assistance of donations from the community and items given by Aetna Better Health of Kansas, we are hopeful schools and families will be in less of a need for these items to be purchased out of pocket! 

For more information, please visit pandokids.org, or contact Lia Faber 316-712-8071 for drop off locations. Items can also be dropped off at The Pando Initiative office at 412 S. Main from January 6th - 31st.

Thank you to Aetna for helping PandoKids finish the school year strong, prepared and ready to THRIVE!


For more information, please contact Penny Olsen at 316-973-5110 (office), or by email, polsen@pandokids.org

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