K. T. Wiedemann Foundation Commitment to HELPING PANDOKIDS THRIVE!

September 14, 2021

Thank you to K. T. Wiedemann Foundation for you generous support of The Pando Initiative. Solving the dropout problem requires a multifaceted effort of home, school, community and youth.  We know that leaving school prior to graduation is not an instantaneous event; the decision to drop out of school is the final step in a process that began years earlier.  Being alert at key transition times is necessary to disrupt this dropout “process.” 

Results occur when professional site coordination is in place, site staff and volunteers are well-managed, and collaborative partnerships with school administrators and staff are developed. Our Student Support Advocates (SSA) have a monumental task of ensuring all these services are managed while individually working with 75 students and their families during the school year. 

We are greatful to have community partners that support the work that we do in schools to ensure that every student is THRVING, and ready for their next stage in life. 

To learn more about The Pando Initiative and the students that we serve, contact Penny Olsen, Executive Director at polsen@pandokids.org


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