Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner Awards Grant Funds for Financial Literacy Education

January 24, 2022

The Pando Initiative is proud to be a reciepient of the OSBC Grant. Press release below is from the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner. To learn more about how to bring Reality U to YOUR schools, or to volunteer for this eye opening opportunity contact Patrick or Jess at psehl@pandokids.org or jciriaco@pandokids.org 


Topeka, KS – The Office of the State Bank Commissioner has awarded $103,150 in grant funds to six Kansas organizations to provide financial literacy education throughout the state. The mission of the Office of the State Bank Commissioner (OSBC) is to “Ensure the integrity of regulated providers of financial services through responsible and proactive oversight, while protecting and educating
consumers.” Although its primary role is regulatory, the OSBC protects and educates Kansas consumers
through its Consumer Education Grant Program. Each year, funds are provided to organizations that provide
financial literacy (money management skills) to Kansas consumers. Qualifying applicants must submit an
application to be considered.

The grant process is competitive, and recipients must provide measurable results. Consumer education funds come from fines and settlements with companies within the regulatory jurisdiction of the Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division of the OSBC; therefore, available grant funds can fluctuate from year to year. No taxpayer monies are used for these grants. This year the OSBC was able
to award a total of $103,150 to six organizations.

The recipients of OSBC Consumer Education grants are: Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc.,
Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., Kansas Council on Economic Education, The Pando Initiative, Inc.,
Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K), and Mirror, Inc.

Consumers are faced with many financial decisions beginning at a young age that affect their lives well into the future. It is important to make information and resources available so Kansans of all ages can make informed decisions. This year’s grant funds will sponsor programs to prepare students to make financial decisions for their futures, as well as programs designed to assist adults with budgeting, saving, credit,
emergency savings, investing, and protecting themselves from potential scams and fraud.

More information about the specific OSBC sponsored programs is available on our website at Financial Education Grants – Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner (osbckansas.org). If you would like to know more about the OSBC Consumer Education Grant application process, please contact Kristy Hanshaw at Kristy.Hanshaw@osbckansas.org or (785) 260-2452.


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