Keller Williams Partners with Pando to Provide Kids with Summer Food Packs

May 13, 2019

As we are wrapping up the 2018-2019 school year, we continue to reiterate the importance of good attendance for students we serve. The Student Support Advocates work to address the barriers that students face and design a plan to help them succeed not only in attendance, but behavioral, and academic concerns as well.

A concern that many of our students face is food insecurity, and research has shown that children who are in food insecure households often fall behind in cognitive, emotional, and physical development. While the greatest stressor for most school-aged children might be homework, chores, and athletics; for many others, getting a full, healthy meal is a greater concern. Because of the recent generosity from Barb Maley, and the team at Keller Williams Hometown Partners, 350 summer food packs were sent home with PandoKids helping to minimize those food insecurity concerns for many of our students. 

We are thankful to have Keller Williams as a partner within our community to aid in removing some of the barriers that students face, so they can focus on learning and thriving in their education and life. 


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