PandoKids Enjoy an Afternoon of Music Theater

June 3, 2019

For several years, the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation has provided tickets for Pando families to attend a summer show with the Music Theater of Wichita. This year was no exception as 30 tickets were provided to experience seeing The Sound of Music! We are excited to offer this opportunity to our students, especially those that may not have had previous exposure to the arts. 

As an audience member of the dress rehearsal, students learn all of the working parts that go into a music theater production. If they themselves choose to be involved in theater programs as a student and beyond, they will develop a deeper understanding of human behavior, learn how to think creatively, problem solve and learn how to give and take feedback in an effective and positive manner. 

Thank you to the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation for providing this unique opportunity for PandoKids. We are grateful for your continued support.


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