Payne Elementary School- Nevaeh

"STAR STUDENT SHOUT OUT" Nevaeh has worked hard this year to attend school on time every day and to perform her best while in the classroom. She has shown great initiative to get herself up and ready for school each day and also maintains a positive and optimistic attitude with her peers and staff in the building. Nevaeh attends weekly lunch groups and has been recognized for her determination and perseverance during group, as well as in the classroom.  She has made incredible progress in reaching her goals and making her education a priority. Nevaeh has taken accountability for her own success and is motivated to reach her fullest potential. 

Her mom and brother, Ms. Janessa, my teacher Ms. Workman, and my principal Ms. Young have all helped to encourage and motivate her to do her best!


Congrats Nevaeh! Your positive attitude is contagious to everyone you meet, we're so proud of your hard work and determination!

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