Derby High School-Dharma

Dharma from Derby High School is being recognized as a STAR STUDENT by her Student Support Advocate, Gary (Pando Staff Member). Her sophomore year has been a huge turnaround!  Her attendance since October has been excellent and her credits towards graduation are back on track with the completion of several online and regular ed classes.  Dharma checks in with Pando staff every day to talk about what she has completed in class and what's going on in her life.

Being a champion to Dharma means you don't have to win but that you succeed in what you set out to do!

Some of the people that helped Dharma to reach her finish line are:  Mr. Meitler, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Clark , Mrs. Strecker  and Mrs. Yaeger.Thank youto everyone who has had an active role in helping Dharma THRIVE in school and in life!

And Congratulations Dharma! We're so proud of your accomplishments and perserverance!

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