Franklin Elementary-Julian

"STAR STUDENT SHOUT OUT!" Congratulations to Julian at Franklin Elementary for being nominated as a STAR STUDENT!  He has worked in the Check and Connect program for the past 4 years. Each year Julian and his family work hard to make sure he was at school, on time, everyday. Julian has worked with a mentor for the past 4 years that he meets with once a week at lunch and continues to work with him over the summer. Julian participates in a boys group each year and has continued to improve in attendance and academics. 

We're so proud of his continued growth and improvement. When we asked Julian who in his life has helped him to "reach his finish line" he stated that it was his mom, because she takes good care of him. One day he would like to travel to Australia because he has an intrest in seeing Koala bears and Kangaroos and learning more about them!

Congratulations on being a STAR Julian!

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