Truesdell Middle School

Written by Student Support Advocate

Student 1

We have an amazing individual (all of our students are) that is a part of the Pando Initiative at Truesdell. She is in the 8th grade and was referred to me by her counselor. I was told she had great potential but needed some direction. When I started working with her, she was failing every class with all F’s, as low as 4%. After taking some time to build a rapport with the student, we were able to set some attainable goals. We created a goal sheet, and we took time to discuss every class and how we could move forward. She admitted to never doing anything like that and said since she entered middle school, she has always had D’s and F’s. She mentioned, “D’s was good enough at home.” It was interesting, because I noticed she was in honors language arts, and I questioned the counselor about it. She told me on her state testing she received one of the highest scores. So, although D’s were “good enough,” I knew she was capable. We did grade checks weekly, and after the first month, I gave her the responsibility of coming to me to check in. It started off rocky, and she dodged me at times. We set incentives for her, and she eventually became excited about her grades, popping in on her own and wanting to show me her progress. Although it hasn’t been easy, she admits it’s been worth it. She currently has A’s, B’s and C’s and is very proud. I’m extremely proud of her and excited to see her keep these good habits as she heads off to high school! 

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