Derby High Student Receives Car

Pictured: AJ Scholfield, Janet Sprecker, Shakyla, Gary Meitler


One deserving Pando student now has reliable transportation for work and school, thanks to a generous gift from Pando Board Member Janet Sprecker and her husband Tim.

Shakyla, a junior, attends Derby High School and also holds a part time job. She participates in multiple Pando programs that include academic support, attendance monitoring and incentives, mentoring, and T.H.R.I.V.E group. Shakyla frequents the Pando room at DHS many times a week to check in, take a break, grab a snack, or discuss progress towards goals.

Pando’s T.H.R.I.V.E group focuses on setting goals for academics and attendance. The focus of the program is to highlight the importance of timeliness and being present in school. Maintaining good grades and having a positive attitude can greatly affect success in school, and in turn, life. Pando students in the 27 schools that Pando serves participate in this group program weekly.

Pando Student Support Advocate Gary Meitler selected Shakyla to be the recipient of the car donated by the Spreckers because of her progress towards her goals this year. “We chose Shakyla because of her improved attitude, behaviors, and grades. She’s also involved with ROTC and choir and also works a job outside of school. She is a hard worker! The need was there for her so she could get to school and work,” Gary said.  Mr. Meitler also takes special care to show support for his Pando students at DHS, attending their extra-curricular activities such as choir, ROTC, and sporting events.

In addition to the vehicle, Shakyla received a gift certificate for her first oil change, courtesy of Scholfield Honda. “To support Shakyla in her journey in her new car, we at Scholfield Honda are excited to offer her the first oil change absolutely free, helping instill the responsibilities of car ownership.”

Thank you to Janet & Tim Sprecker, Scholfield Honda for helping Shakyla thrive! And thank you to Mr. Meitler and the mentors at DHS!

Posted in News on January 23, 2024.

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