What is Pando and how can you help?

Mission: Pando connects with students to help them engage and thrive in education and their future.

Programs: We partner with schools and community to provide students with mentoring, life skills, and basic needs through PandoKids™ and RealityU™

For 31 years, The Pando Initiative has connected students to people, communities, and organizations, helping them to engage at school and thrive in life. With a full-time staff in 22 local schools, Pando helps students improve their reading and math skills, attendance, and address concerns that create obstacles towards helping them reach their full potential.

How can you make an impact?

Each year, YOU have the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of local students . Gifts to Pando support the 1,800 students on our caseload and the 20,000 students we serve annually through our PandoKids™ and RealityU™ programs.


The Pando Incentive program was developed to empower and encourage students to reach their greatest potential for academic achievement, behavioral control, and personal growth by positively reinforcing their efforts to reach their goals. Students set goals, discuss incentives, and then work towards meeting those goals. Once goals are met, students receive the incentive.

This program is highly effective in helping out students reach their full potential and thrive! We would like to invite you to contribute to our incentive closet this holiday season.

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As a Pando Volunteer, you can positively impact the lives of PandoKids by just getting involved including mentoring, guest speaking, service projects and more!. We offer unlimited volunteer opportunities. Have an idea to get involved? Contact Daniel at dmorford@pandokids.org

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With Pando, students succeed.

The Pando Initiative connects Wichita, Derby and Haysville, Kansas students to people, communities and organizations, helping them build strength, vitality and the courage to take the initiative to succeed. With The Pando Initiative, each student can thrive.

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Your involvement in a child's education helps them to achieve in school and prepare them for life.