PandoKids™ Empowers Students

With our PandoKids™ program, we aim to ensure every student in the Wichita community graduates, ready for their next stage.


feel safe in school because of Pando


graduate high school


improve or maintain literacy skills

How PandoKids™ Helps

PandoKids™ has student support advocates in 27 schools throughout Sedgwick County. These dedicated staff members partner with their school to work directly with students to address academic and non-academic obstacles.

Through PandoKids™, students are connected through relationships that help them to build strength, vitality, and the courage to take the initiative to succeed.

We measure our overall success by improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

What We Provide


Clothing, hygiene, food, school supplies


Reality U Junior, T.H.R.I.V.E, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and more


Community volunteers meet with students in various ways

Connection & Support

Comfortable and supportive space for students and their mentors

Goal Setting

Attendance, academic plans, and incentives for improvement

Get Involved

Want to be a mentor to a local school, operate a special-interest group, or make a gift to help more children? You can help a local student thrive.