Teaching Students Financial Literacy with Reality U ®

Reality U ® helps students gain crucial financial literacy knowledge to help them recognize the importance of education for their financial future.

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Reality U ® Aims To

  • Teach teens that their performance in school today can affect their financial future.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice personal finance skills.
  • Mobilize the community to become involved stakeholders in education, particularly financial literacy education in their local schools.
  • Integrate Individual Plan of Study components into the Reality U ® preparation, the simulation/booths, and the debriefing process.

How Reality U ® Works

Reality U ® brings a bit of “reality” to students through a 75-minute interactive and engaging personal finance simulation. Students imagine their life as 26-year-olds and complete an online lifestyle survey. This information is entered into our trademarked software, along with their current GPA, to create a unique and individualized future scenario.

Each scenario includes the student’s monthly income, credit card debt, student loan information, as well as marital and family status. Students are given a checkbook register to track their monthly purchases from the 12 booths representing services and/or products that adults typically must purchase or consider each month. Sometimes they must return a “purchase” and make a different decision. The checkbook register can’t fall below zero!

This event actively engages students to help them understand the importance of how their performance in school today impacts their future. It also provides the community an opportunity to share in local students’ learning and develop an understanding of the world of work.

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