Lawrence Elementary-Jeffrey

Jeffrey is a 2nd grade student at Lawrence Elementary and is a first-year participant in the Check and Connect program. Since beginning, Jeffrey has signifigantly improved his behavior in the classroom. Being involved in Check & Connect has led to Jeffrey making great strides in improving his attendance, and has only been tardy a few times. He understands that good attendance and good behavior in the classroom is a goal of the program. Jeffrey is always thrilled to participate in the lunch groups.


As a means of positive reinforcement and encouragement to pursue excellence in school attendance, Mark (Pando staff member) has implemented the following:

  • Participants with good attendance are awarded a bi-weekly incentive prize.
  • Each class group with good attendance are awarded quarterly prizes every 90 days.
  • Individuals with good attendance for each semester are awarded a grand prize


Jeffrey said that a champion is somebody who is there for you all the time. His champions are his mom and dad, because they are always there for him all the time. He believes that a champion should make you feel good and be happy, just like his parents. 


Jeffrey said that his teacher, Mrs. Ostby, helps him to succeed in the classroom. He is happy to know that his teacher cares and is always willing to help him finish his work. She is patient and kind in showing him how to do his math.  Also, Jeffrey credits his teacher for helping him make better choices in his behavior and for being a good person in the classroom. 


We're so happy for Jeffrey and all of the accomplishments that he is making at school! We look forward to following his journey when school is back in session. Congratulations on earning a STAR STUDENT award!

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