Curtis Middle School

Written by Student Support Advocate

Student 1

I had a student who was referred for needing glasses. His mother was pregnant and was unable to take him to his appointment to get him new glasses. I went and met with him. Sure enough, his glasses were broken, and he was in great need of help. I took him to the eye doctor and upon his examination it became clear he was legally blind without glasses. They put a rush order on the glasses, and he had them the next week. Every time I see him in the hall, he is excited and grateful for the help. 


Student 2

I have had one particular student on my caseload for the entire three years he has attended Curtis. I was working on writing my success stories, and I had a student come in and ask me what I was doing. I told him I had to write up a few success stories that I had this year. The student immediately blurted out a particular name and shocked me. I said, “Really, you think he should be one of my success stories?” The student said, “Oh yes, he has improved a lot.” So I started thinking about the student and how far he has come. When he was first referred, I was overwhelmed with his office referrals and in-school suspensions. I enrolled him in the Boys 2 Men group and started a plan to meet weekly on goal setting and incentives. We spent weeks working on anger and healthy ways to deal with rage feelings. I think I didn’t realize how far he has come until a student pointed it out. He hasn’t had any major behavior issues this semester and very few all year.

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