Hamilton Middle School- Aniafaye

Congratulations to Aniafaye at Hamilton Middle School for being nominated as a STAR STUDENT by Ginger (Pando staff/Student Support Advocate at Hamilton) She is the president of Ladies of Success at Hamilton Middle School which through various activities such as team building and confidence building learn to be successful in school and life. During the duration of this group, Aniafaye has had to deal with a variety of challenges, such as creating a vision for the group, unstable commitment to the group and her own personal conflict with some group members.  Through it all, she demonstrated resolve and determination. She was instrumental in recruiting more committed students, creative in developing a vision and a project for the group and through her own struggles with her peers, she stayed focused and continued to lead the group. In the end, the groups project was even more successful than expected, the girls overcome their differences and the group has a solid base of committed ladies.  Aniafaye has show the skills of a true leader.


We wanted to learn more about what inspires Aniafaye to be her best and who helps her to reach her finish line. She stated that being a champion to her means being a good role model and positively influencing her peers. Those that have been an inspiration to her and helped her to succeed are The group Ladies of Success and her mother.

Congratulations Aniafaye, You are a STAR to us!

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