Park Elementary School

Written by Team Lead

Student 1

A 5th grade student at Park Elementary enrolled in August when the Check & Connect (CC) program was started there and has benefited immensely. Working with his teacher, we determined at the beginning of the school year that he was struggling in the classroom because of his poor vision. Pando provided transportation and scheduled for him to be seen by an eye doctor for a free exam. As a result, he was fitted and received a free pair of glasses, which he now wears daily. The Pando team included the student in weekly lunch groups, which helped him develop socially through discussing and developing leadership skills and focusing on developing positive character traits. A plan was also put in place to work closely to help him be responsible in remembering to bring his glasses to school daily. I would transport him back home to retrieve his glasses on days he forgot them and his mom was at work. By the end of the first semester, he had mastered the responsibility for caring for and remembering his glasses. He also showed academic improvements as a result of his improved vision with glasses. He was able to maintain his reading and math grade through the school year!  He only missed 9 days all school year, which is far from being considered chronically absent.

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