Payne Elementary School

Written by Team Lead

Student 1

I began working with a Kindergarten-aged boy after he began to miss school. After initial concerns were raised, I spoke with his mom who was very honest about challenges she had with drug use in the past and during pregnancy. She explained that the exposure to drugs prenatally had caused several physical and cognitive delays or challenges. 

One challenge being that he had some destructive behaviors and would become aggressive and violent when it was time for school, often hitting his mom and breaking things. However, the student enjoyed school once he got there and responded well to school staff. I came up with a plan of action with his mom and the student and began visiting their home each school day morning with small incentives and positive encouragement. 

I provided the student and his mom with daily check lists designed to fit their needs with built-in family time. Each day that the student got to school on time with the completed check list, he would get to do a special job with the Team Lead and would receive praise from Pando staff and his teacher. If he arrived on time every day for one week, he would get a special lunch with the Team Lead. 

After a few weeks of this cycle, the student showed marked improvements in not only his attendance, but also his overall attitude about school. Staff also commented that he seemed like a completely different kid. His mom credited his success to the building of a consistent morning routine and celebrating his successes. She also says that because she was less worried and overwhelmed by his behaviors, she was able to find strength in herself to leave the house for the first time in weeks for a job interview that she was later offered and accepted. The family has continued to thrive and reach their goals.

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