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Written by Student Support Advocate

Student 1

We had a new student this year, a 4th grade boy who moved from Illinois. The principal flagged him for me at the start of the year as his previous school noted attendance issues. When I read his file, my heart fell. He had missed almost the entire year of school in Illinois. I reached out to his mom to find out if they needed help, and she told me that his father had gone to prison for child molestation, and they lost housing after that. They couch-surfed with friends for a year.  School was not a priority…at all.  We helped them get medical insurance and made a referral to His Helping Hands for beds. They were living with family, and his mom felt like things were going to be more stable.

The student started the year with lots of behavioral issues. He would argue and fight with peers. He started groups with Check & Connect (CC), began seeing the school counselor and came to our room for homework help/venting. He slowly settled down and made friends. His attendance has been awesome. With three absences and one tardy, he is our attendance award winner for the year. Due to his great attendance, he graduated from CC in December, but still comes to groups weekly and checks in with us regularly. He is an awesome addition to our program and our school!

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