Woodman Elementary-Fatima

Fatima from Woodman Elementary is being honored as a STAR STUDENT by her Student Support Advocate, Erika (Pando Staff Member). She has been working hard to increase her reading fluency, speed, and comprehension. The curriculum we follow can be challenging at times by introducing complex concepts, confusing words, and tricky questions. Fatima has persevered and has completed FIVE books! That is a total of 30 lessons in 6 months! She begins her sessions with a smile, positivity, and a champion’s attitude- ready to accept her next challenge head on! Tutoring aside, I can always count on Fatima to do the right thing. She is kind, friendly, polite, welcoming to all, and is truly a leader in her classroom. She 100% deserves this honor! Thank you, Fatima, for being the sweet hard-worker you are!

When asked what "being a champion" means to her she said:
"A champion is someone who is a superhero, someone who saves others from trouble, makes others feel safe, someone who helps others, and is a good friend."

Who are the people that helped you reach your finish line?
"My dad because he is always supportive, positive, and encouraging when things get hard or I make a mistake. He always pushes me to go the extra mile."

Congratulations Fatima! We're so inspired by your hard work and determination!

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