Woodman Elementary School

Written by Student Support Advocate

Student 1

Towards the beginning of the year, a 4th grade teacher reached out to me wondering if I could work on spelling with a student. This student received a lot of other services throughout the day, so I had to be creative and quick during our 15-minute sessions. Little by little, he went from getting 0/10 or 1/10 to 5-6/10 by Christmas, and now he’s getting 10/10 AND some challenge words correct by the end of the year! His favorite way to remember the spelling of words is through songs that he can sing throughout the day or making short stories he can recite to his mom in the car before she goes to work at night. 


Student 2

A 2nd grade teacher walked down to my office one day to tell me about a boy in her class. She told me about his home life, his inability to focus in class, mental barriers that prevented him from adding numbers over 10, his constant distractions with his classmates, etc. His abilities were marked at a kindergarten level. I planned to see him three times a week, twice for tutoring and once for social skills. Before Thanksgiving break, he was being sent out of the room at least once a week, and he never turned in any completed work. Half the time, he never even wrote his name on his paper. Now, he consistently raises his hand before speaking, sits quietly in class, is making more friends every day, has great manners, and has become a leader in the classroom! He is smiley, goofy, kind and very determined to succeed. He is now working at a 2nd grade level in math, reading, and spelling!


Leadership Club Students 

This story isn't about one student in particular, but of the 11 students in Leadership Club. I visited every 5th grade classroom and explained the requirements to be in Leadership. Many students quickly decided it would be too much work to apply, too much responsibility if they were chosen, and a waste of their recess time. Forty eight of 84 students applied, and only 11 made the cut. These 11 kids have stepped up in major ways — participated in every major school event as helpers or liasons for the school, have come before and stayed after school to volunteer, and have exemplified leadership in their classrooms through being kind, being responsible, and helping teachers in any way they can. Many kids that receive Pando services need help in some way. These kids have helped me in ways I never imagined a 5th grader could. I will miss them greatly next year. They are out to do amazing things in Wichita someday! I'm proud to have known them.

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