Pando (Latin for "to spread out") - Like the roots of a tree, we spread out into the community, gathering resources to support students as they achieve their full potential.


Connect. Engage. Thrive.


Our Mission

We connect with students to help them engage and thrive in education and their future.


Our Vision

To ensure every student in our community graduates, ready for their next stage.


The Pando Initiative has been successfully connecting with more than 220,000 students in area schools since 1990. Our core model focuses on individual students who are struggling with school and life. We position a dedicated staff member inside partner schools in Wichita, Derby and Haysville public schools.

This is Pando!

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How We Help

Our goal is to help remove obstacles that keep students from reaching their goals and being successful. We have dedicated team members in each of our schools to help address both academic and non-academic impediments that prevent students’ learning. We measure success by improving attendance, behavior and academic performance.

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