Harry Street Elementary School

Written by Team Lead

Student 1

This new Harry Street student had attendance problems her first year in Kindergarten, and the Team Lead and her teacher tried to work with her mom to get her to agree to enroll her in the Check & Connect (CC) program.  

Her mom and dad kept Pando at arms-length. The student continued to have attendance struggles and academic delays. First grade year, she began missing school right away, and her teacher noticed delays. The family continued to be guarded. Pando began working with other students in the class that had consent forms. She started warming up to the Team Lead and wanted to participate in CC, but we had not been able to obtain consent from the parents yet. The Team Lead met with the parents at conferences, and between the student and Pando staff, we had her mom on board to work with us. Her mom finished first grade year still guarded but continued her in the program. 

The student began her second-grade year and her mom sought Pando CC staff out at enrollment. She asked that her daughter be back in the program since they had seen a change in her. She wanted to come to school, and there was less fighting with her mom at home. Her second-grade teacher asked me if I could help talk to her mom about some special education concerns since she seemed to trust me. We were able to begin the process of getting her help. This student started 2nd grade with a mentor, participated in lunch group and had some school supports. She soared that year. The end of that year, her mom asked that her little brother be enrolled the following year. 

At enrollment in 2018, her 3rd grade year, her mom brought me her son and her nieces and nephews! Her mom said her sister’s children had been at another school the year before and did not do well. This PandoKid finished 3rd grade doing well. Five other students from the same family are also receiving services and making gains!

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