Jefferson Elementary School-Sofia

"STAR STUDENT SHOUT OUT"!  Sofia has been involved Pando for several years. She has been participating in the  running club at Jefferson since 3rd grade, and just recently our new group “clean up crew” which she started herself! Sofia put together a written proposal about what she hoped to accomplished with the group and helped recruit students to join. Now Jefferson has its own clean up crew to help keep our school clean and looking it's best! We are so proud of Sofia for taking the initiative to reconnize a need for improvement, putting a plan into action, recruiting voluteers and making the "clean up crew" a sucessful program!


Sofia stated that her mom was someone who helped her to "reach her finish line" by always being able to depend on her, she also helped her to start the Clean Up Crew!

Congratulations Sofia! You are a shining star at Jefferson Elementary!

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