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Written by Student Support Advocate

Student 1

A fourth-grade PandoKid had a rough start to her school year. She was constantly getting into arguments with other students and found herself in a lot of drama with other fourth graders, which unfortunately led to a suspension in the fall. However, she was put on a behavior chart. Basically, if she earned 10 stars, she could pick a prize of her choice. One of those prizes was coming to the Pando room for a break or a prize out of my prize box. I started to see her a lot, which was great because that meant she was earning her stars! The student and I would talk about her week, what was bugging her, or what she was excited about. She is a completely different person than the girl I saw at the beginning of the year. I honestly do not think she needs a behavior chart anymore and going into fifth grade next year, I am sure she won’t have one. I’m so proud of her and loved getting to see her personality shine through this year! 


Student 2

One of Jefferson’s PandoKids has been with Pando since he was in kindergarten. He will graduate from the fifth-grade tomorrow! I have watched him grow up and honestly go through so much. He would often get in trouble, and we put him with a mentor when he was in second grade. His mentor became a male figure he could count on and someone he could talk to regularly. They met once a week during the lunch and recess time. He did have some rough patches this year, but his mentor was always willing to come down to the school and check in on him during these rough patches. I feel proud of him and how far he has come. It would’ve been so easy for him to just keep getting in trouble, but he tries to do the right thing. His mentor is going to following him to the sixth grade at Curtis, and I’m glad he’ll have that support with him during that transition.

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