West High School

Written by Student Support Advocate

Student 1

A tenth-grade student was referred to Pando by a teacher at West High that believed she needed a little help fitting into the culture at school. This student struggled with attendance, and therefore her grades were slowly but surely falling below what she was truly capable of. Pando had several bikes on site that were graciously donated, and after asking Valeria if she’d be interested in a bike to help her get to school, she eagerly accepted. The day she accepted the bike, she wheeled it out of the Pando office with a giant smile! After that day, she began to ride her bike to school each and every day. In addition, she began to pop into the Pando office to speak with the Student Support Advocates (SSA) and even joined the lunchtime game group! She was coming out of her shell! Over the course of a couple of months, the student’s grades began to rise. One day, after scoring a 94% on her geometry test, she excitedly popped into the Pando office to share it with the SSAs. It has been exciting and rewarding to watch her grow into the great student West High knew she could be as well as dive into the school community!


Student 2 

This ninth-grade student was referred to Pando by a teacher at West High that was concerned about her home life and lack of stability. She has bounced from home to home, from family member to family member. Coming to school became an issue depending on where she was living. Her grandmother’s car was stolen; her aunt didn’t own a car; her cousin worked 3rd shift and needed to sleep when she actually needed a ride to school. Pando purchased a bus pass for her and discussed the different routes that the student could take, no matter where she was, in order to get to school and increase and improve her attendance. Over the next several weeks, Pando started seeing her in the hallways of West High more and more. She began to come to the Pando office for homework help; she was dedicated to improving her grades, and Pando was extremely proud that she was taking the initiative. In the month of May, this Pando student was awarded “Freshman of the Month” at West High, and Pando could not be more excited for her!

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