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Making a Difference for Students

At The Pando Initiative, our goal is to ensure that students are successful in school and graduate so they can be successful in life. Learn how we do that and how you can help.

Helping Students Succeed

At The Pando Initiative, we’re helping students thrive! When students are connected through relationships they build strength, vitality, and the courage to take the initiative to succeed. We measure success by improving attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

PandoKids™ serves 27 schools in Sedgwick County to ensure every student graduates, ready for their next stage. Pando has a dedicated staff member in each partner school to work directly with students to address academic and non-academic obstacles.

Reality U™ helps students acrosss Kansas in over 100 schools gain important financial literacy knowledge to help them recognize the importance of how their education relates to their future. Students come to understand the impacts of planning ahead, saving money, and sound decision-making as they navigate through a highly interactive 75-minute simulation of life.

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Help Our Children Succeed

Gifts to Pando support the 1,800 students on our caseload and the 25,000 students we serve annually through our PandoKids™ and RealityU™ programs.