100 Men Who Cook- Goal EXCEEDED!

August 21, 2021

Pando friends and supporters, our hearts are FULL! We are grateful and humbled by the support that this community has shown to support The Pando Initiative and the kids we serve.

We have EXCEEDED our goal for 100 Men Who Cook, raising OVER $160,000!

THANK YOU to our Chefs! Together you raised OVER 23,000 for PandoKids!

Our TOP chefs for 100 Men Who Cook are:

TOP CHEF: Don Olsen & Simon Kindel!

2nd Place: Matt Depperschmidt & Mark Depperschmidt!

3rd Place: Patrick Sehl!

MOST raised AT the event: Jim Johnson & Patricia Sherwood!

And BEST DECORATED: Gary Meitler!

THANK YOU to every Sponsor, Table Sponsor, Host Couple, and Guest!

Thank you to everyone who has tipped a chef, bid on an auction item, prepared delicious dishes, and shared with others the great work that Pando does in schools!

Thank you to Madison Photography for capturing the energy of the event tonight!

Thank you to Charlie Moon for your amazing energy and inspiring our guests to give!

Thank you to our board, and committee members for your commitment to the success of this event year after year!

And THANK YOU to the The Pando Initiative STAFF for their support and hard work with 100 Men Who Cook. We are so thankful for all that you do.

It was a great night for The Pando Initiative,and so wonderful to see all of you again!


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