NetApp helps PandoKids THRIVE through funding and volunteerism

October 29, 2019

Wichita, KS – The Pando Initiative received a generous grant from NetApp to help to support the 1,900 students on our case load and 20,000 students impacted yearly through our programs. As a company that has continually devoted their time to Pando as volunteers, they know that helping kids thrive is all about building relationships and giving them the tools, they need to succeed in the classroom and in life. At Reality U, their team works the booths that walk students through a simulation on what life could potentially look like as a 26-year-old. They help to coach them on steps they can take TODAY to ensure their financial future tomorrow.


Recently, NetApp further expanded their reach with PandoKids by volunteering at Jackson Elementary, a school NEW to the Pando family this school year. In their lunch groups, their team works with kids on STEM classes, leading them to be more enthusiastic about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


We are fortunate to have community partners, like NetApp who not only support Pando through funding, but devote their time in helping to shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.


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The Pando Initiative connects with students to help them engage and thrive in education and their future. With the help of our Student Support Advocates, we feel that every student can thrive. When students are connected through relationships, they build strength, vitality and the courage to take the initiative. Since 1990, we have successfully been connecting with more than 210,000 students in Wichita, Derby and Haysville public schools.


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