Thriving through ART, with Kansas Surgery and Recovery

October 26, 2020

As PandoKids are facing uncertainty and additional stressors related to changes in how they are learning, Pando supporters are helping us to connect with and inspire students. One way that students can express themselves is through art. Art has the ability to encourage creativity, improve motor skills, concentration, as well as supporting their emotional wellbeing by reducing anxiety, and helping to build confidence especially if they are struggling with learning disabilities, or social issues.

Our friends at Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center recognize these benefits and recently mobilized to collect items and assemble 100 art kits for our elementary students. Each kit contains colored pencils, markers, crayons, paints, a pair of headphones and so much more!

Kansas Surgery and Recovery has not only supported Pando through donating art kits, they have provided hygiene kits for students and “home visit kits” which are baskets filled with basic necessities for the families that we have the opportunity to work with. In addition to this, they have been a continued supporter of our largest fundraiser, 100 Men Who Cook. With this year’s event being moved to a virtual format, their support was more crucial than ever.

We are so grateful to have relationships with community leaders that believe in our mission and are continually supporting the kids we serve.

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