A Letter from Penny

For 31 years, The Pando Initiative has connected students to people, communities and organizations, helping them to engage at school and thrive in life.  In the face of a global pandemic we learned to  connect to PandoKids in different ways, but always staying true to our mission and vision.

Recently, one of our Student Support Advocates was able to connect with a Pando Alumni, who graduated last year. It is wonderful to hear how Pando impacted the life of this student!  Below are the questions asked and her responses.

It’s so nice to hear from you!!!  I miss you guys so much!

How is college life? Very good, I love that I chose community college for the way to start off my college path.

What do you like most about college? Just the community, everyone is so nice and kind to each other, no one is left out, we are a family.  Also, as a music education major I’m just singing all day and I love it!

How did Pando help you get where you are today? When I was struggling with the thought of college and choosing the way to go, Pando was always there supporting me and constantly being so proud of me. It made me want to push myself more to continue my learning! And here I am loving it! 

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Here are a few examples of what your donation could do:

$100 – Fills one schools healthy snack pantry for a month

$250 – Offers an independent living kit to a student aging out of foster care

$500 – Supplies one month of groceries for a Pando family

$1,000 – Connects ONE PandoKid with a Student Support Advocate for a year.  Plus FIVE friends!

$2,500 – Brings Reality U to a school

With Gratitude,

Penny Olsen

Executive Director

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