A Letter from Penny

Since joining The Pando Initiative last year, I’ve been asked to describe or explain why we chose the name Pando. Simply — Pando means “to spread out” and that’s what we do. Like the roots of a tree, we spread out into our local schools to CONNECT students to whatever resources are needed, so they can ENGAGE at school and THRIVE at life.

Whether it’s a ride to school, a snack to get a kiddo through the day, connecting them to community services or an alarm clock to wake on time, Pando is there. Our staff helps Pando kids navigate life and become a stable influence in an often chaotic life.

We help students see a future beyond their own neighborhood or life circumstance by providing a safe, nurturing environment where learning happens and relationships are built, and through relationships, transformation can begin.

I am honored to join such an amazing and dedicated group of volunteers and staff as Executive Director and look forward to meeting many of you in the coming year.

With Gratitude,
Penny Olsen
Executive Director

Leadership & Administration

Penny Olsen
Executive Director
Karen Blucher
Senior Director of Programs & Operations
Kenya McConico
Program Director
Shannon Shields
Stephanie H.
Marketing and Special Events Manager
Patrick Sehl
Reality U Director
Jessica Ciriaco
Reality U Manager

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